Soft Tofu Soup
Soft Tofu Soup
Laila Derakhshanian

This Week In Food: A Drive Thru Ghost, Goodbye to the Bruery, and Racists in the South?!

This week was stuffed full of some particularly interesting food stories. Things got a little heavy, because it can't be about food porn all of the time. Let's take a look.

Edwin started off light in his food review of Soy Tofu in La Palma where he introduced the soup equivalent of warm, fuzzy socks. Then things got interesting. He showed us a hilarious video of what happens when someone makes a costume that looks like a car seat...and then screws around with people. He told us about a crazy girl who is vowing to eat only Starbucks for an entire year (good luck with that), and last, he revealed a photo that will ruin your appetite for the rest of the day, maybe week. Brain in your KFC, anybody?

Gustavo visited the Bristol Food Court in Santa Ana for this week's Hole in the Wall - where you will find Chinese, Turkish, Mexican, pizza, and ice cream all in the same little coridoor. He named ON Tequila the Drink of the Week, after being introduced to it by none other than the sometimes loved, and mostly hated Tom Leykis. Then he showed us some insanely racist t-shirts that are being sold at a restaurant in South Carolina. Last, he gave a grim update on what is happening with lettuce crops in the U.S., and why things are going to get expensive.

Anne Marie brought some tasty things to look forward to: the opening of Linx, a sausage pub in the Orange Circle, and where to find the yummiest looking tuna sandwich I've ever seen. Then she compared Burger King's new chicken nuggets to the quintessential nuggets at McDonald's. Last, she left us with some dark notes. A video of what fine-dining dishes like foie gras and shark fin soup require to be brought to the table, and the announcement of the Bruery Provisions closing in the Orange Circle is all just a big bummer.

Dave lightened things up a bit with another one of his sassy Yelp reviews, and then addressed a letter to the editor about Playground in Santa Ana and their "no modifications" policy. Last, he introduced us to a tasty limoncello for our Tijuana Sí! column.

Sarah took us to, oddly enough, the airport for her Long Beach Lunch. The LBC's new airport concourse that opened late last year is a culinary breath of fresh air, and only continues to make Long Beach the best place to fly out of. Good ol' Dave Mau wraps it all up with story about his trip to Lincoln land and the wonderful gut bomb that he experienced there for the first time.

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