$10? ONLY $10?!
$10? ONLY $10?!

This Thanksgiving, Eat an Unwise Amount of Shin Sen Gumi Ramen

Do you love ramen? Do you hate your family? If the answer is yes, I've got the perfect way for you to avoid the house for a few hours this Thursday.

One of my favorite food challenges (we know I love my challenges) is back in town! It's time for Shin Sen Gumi's Extra Noodle Challenge!

For those of you who've never been to Shin Sen Gumi, their hook as a ramen restaurant is the fact that they let you order noodle refills to your heart's content. But, a few times a year, they roll out the challenge.

The basics are in the flier above, but I'll reiterate them here. $10 gets you entry to the competition, including unlimited ramen noodles and one extra bowl of soup. For guys, if you finish 6 refills, you get a t-shirt and a $50 gift certificate. If you're a girl, you'll get the same after 4 refills.

So.. it's not like you have anything else to do that day right? Go go go!

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