Sadly, not included :(
Sadly, not included :(
Photo by Randy Robertson

This Summer: Eat Obscene Amounts of Food at Knott's Berry Farm

Apart from Knott's Scary Farm, Orange County's other theme park doesn't really get much spotlight since it's stuck in the shadow of its larger, distinctly more mouse-y cousin.

Sure, the rides are alright, but have you seen all of the endings on Star Tours? And yeah, the food is pretty good (and the place was originally named for its pies), but man, have you been to Napa Rose yet? Or Club whatever-you-call-it?

Well, Disneyland food might be on the up right now (See: Our 10 Best Things to Eat at the Disneyland Resort), but Knott's is working another angle to try to topple the Mouse: Value.

I (and by I, I actually mean Matt Coker) found a food bombshell buried in a recent press release from Knott's. This summer, for the pretty low price of $30 + tax, you can eat one meal every 90 minutes for the entire day.


Now, before you get excited, no, fried chicken isn't included as part of the deal. Sad, I know, but I guess they didn't want to have to deal with all of the heart attacks that would've caused. You have to pick from a set menu (It's mostly burgers, pizza, hot dogs, and chicken sandwiches with a few token healthy choices), but it's still a pretty good deal. If you were try to eat every hour and a half at Disneyland, it might cost you more than your already very expensive ticket.

So, Knott's is open 12 hours a day. If you were ambitious, you could eat.. 8 times? Probably 7 given you're not going to make it to a participating restaurant right at opening time.

That sounds like a challenge. Not that I'm saying should do it. But hey, if you do and you spew, you can just wait a bit before filling up again.

Doesn't that sound appetizing?

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