Fun fact, I went to Dominique Ansel's bakery during my recent trip to New York. They were out of Cronuts
Fun fact, I went to Dominique Ansel's bakery during my recent trip to New York. They were out of Cronuts
Photo by Michelle Woo

This Is Reddit's 20 Most Overrated Foods

I've been known to be a little bit of a hater in my earlier life (Read: last year. For examples, see: From Pancakes to McRibs, the 5 Most Over-Rated Foods Ever, Pliny The Younger Is Overrated, Or: Why I Won't Be Lining Up Next Year, Vietnamese Food is Hip Now (And I Hate That), If You're Still Crazy About Bacon, You're an Embarrassment, and Seriously, Hipster Chefs Really Need to Stop Calling Their Non-Pho Dishes "Pho"). But my disdain isn't anything near random-people-on-the-Internet level. No, for that you have to go to Reddit, and man did they do it.

Here are the 20 foods they think are the most overrated. The average redditor isn't a foodie, so don't expect too much but, hey, it's a pretty good list.

20. Pumpkin Spice 19. Aioli

Quote: "ITS MAYO!"

It's actually not just mayo, just most places in the United States serve mayo as aioli. I don't get this one though, because mayo is awesome. [Side note, I love the word aioli. Ai - oli. It tells you exactly what it is. How perfect.]

18. Peeps

Great reply by user god_farts_too: "Peeps are for microwaves, not for your stomach. Just toss one in a microwave and enjoy the show."

17. Beets

I didn't realize so many people were hyping beets.

16. The McRib 15. Cake

This guy also hates most pies, what a commie.

14. Nutella 13. Red Velvet

In 2009, maybe.

12. Macarons

Great reply by user susiebear:

The average macaron is about $2.50, but maybe more depending on reputation of the bakery and location.

That being said, I've fucking tried baking macarons before. Read recipes, watched YouTube videos. And I bake for fun. Everyone says "macarons are finicky, be careful!". I thought, "got it". No, it was not worth it. About 4 hours, $20+ on ingredients, and 30+ macarons later, I only had about 8 good ones. And those I gave away to some neighbors who let me borrow some stuff I was missing atm.

Macarons are notoriously hard to get right, AND most of them are flavored. I would fucking pay $3 a macaron if I was craving it.

11. Anything from Panera 10. Caviar 9. Starbucks. Seriously? 8. Lobster 7. Kale

Kale chips are so good though.

6. Guacamole (JK, they're being facetious.) 5. Nutella 4. Twinkies

Okay, no one is hyping Twinkies.

3. The body of Christ


2. Bacon (Again, see my If You're Still Crazy About Bacon, You're an Embarrassment) 1. Anddd.... Cupcakes.

Yup, that sounds about right.

Missing from the top 20 are Cronuts, which actually landed at number 21 partially because not many redditors have heard of them how, and poutine, which redditors still love. But hey, there's always next repost.

What'd they miss?

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