This is How Alton Brown 'Boils' Eggs

There's even the perfect, slightly moist center.
There's even the perfect, slightly moist center.

There's probable no person more responsible for young home cooks than Alton Brown, the wonderfully analytical mind behind one of the best shows to ever grace the Food network, Good Eats. Too bad then, that he retired that show after 14 seasons (sure, it sounds like a lot, but there's always more food to learn about).

He can still be seen on screen (and on the road, over the Internet, in book form, etc etc), but without an adequately analytical science-y show, the Alton Brown empire just felt kind of hollow.

Well, not anymore, because Alton has a new YouTube channel, and he's starting to post videos in the good ole Good Eats style. Check out the newest one, in which he makes the perfect "boiled" eggs (for those of you that don't have a sous-vide machine at home).

Check the video after the jump.

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