This Hangover Omelet Is the Worst Hangover Omelet Ever

This Hangover Omelet Is the Worst Hangover Omelet Ever

The perfect hangover breakfast is the holy grail of breakfasts. It needs to be hearty, it needs to be filling, it needs to stay down, AND it needs to be easy enough to cook with a horrible headache.

Sure, hearty and filling are easy to do when you're feeling fine, but have you ever tried to roll a burrito while dry heaving? Or make a perfect egg in a basket when you can't even see straight?

And thus is the sad story of this hangover omelet. It looks perfectly delicious, but it's not really hangover appropriate.

First off, watch this video:

All right, now for a short list of what's wrong with it. One: There's no starch. No toast, no waffles, no potato. How are you supposed to settle your stomach with no hash browns? Shoving some protein and fat into an unsettled stomach alone is a good way to get the protein and fat to come back up.

Two: Working with fresh chiles while hung over is just going to turn out badly. You're not going to pay attention, and you're going to touch your face or your eyes, and then you won't even be able eat because you'll be bent over a sink vomiting AND washing your eyes out.

And the coup de grace: It's just too much work. Four minutes is way too long to wait for your hangover food.

The solution? Just have drunk you do hung-over you a favor. If you're going to drink that much, go on a drunken food run and hold on to some leftovers. Nothing's better the day after than a room-temperature cheeseburger and soggy fries, anyway.

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