There's a Toilet-Themed Restaurant In Industry, And They Serve Poop

There's a Toilet-Themed Restaurant In Industry, And They Serve Poop

If you've ever had that Homer Simpson-esque moment where the need to stuff your face is vying for supremacy with the need to "drop the kids off at the pool", then you'll understand the appeal of the Magic Restroom Cafe, a Taiwanese cafe-cum-bathroom which soft opened this weekend in the City of Industry.

Yes, the seats are toilets. Yes, the food bowls are toilets. Yes, there are showers on the wall, and yes, there are urinals on which you can squat as you sit and chow down. The menu, too, is toilet-themed, with their zha jiang mian called "constipation", pork over rice called "smells like poop", and vanilla strawberry sunday called "bloody number two". (Suddenly, we're not hungry for the food we just bought for lunch.)

Eater has a long post that is constipated with pictures. Any bets on who will be the first jackass to leave a urinal deuce?

If you just can't wait to go sit on a toilet for two hours, Magic Restroom Cafe is located at 18558 Gale Ave. #222, City of Industry; 626-664-3766. Notice the number of sixes in that phone number; the word for "six" in Mandarin Chinese is liù, which sounds like liú--"flow". Ew.

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