The Viking Truck: New Corn Dog Food Truck Debuts

Pardon my triteness: If I had a nickel for every time I accidentally stumbled upon a new food truck on the road on the day of its debut, I'd have exactly 10 cents. It happened with Sexy Burger a few weeks ago. And on the way to dinner last night, it happened again: I saw the truck pictured above on the 22 freeway.  It was either headed to or coming from Bootlegger's Brewery, where, I found out later, it had its first day of service, giving food away during a test run.

Its Facebook indicates the truck specializes
in "sausages, corn dogs and Tots, all with a little Viking attitude," but the corndog the Viking character wields like a weapon suggests it hopes to make its mark with batter-dipped, deep-fried wieners on a stick. How does it all relate to the Scandinavian mascot? Beats me. What does a clown have to do with hamburgers?

More intriguing is the corn dog angle. I've always wished Disneyland's corn dog truck would take it to the streets. If there's a missing link in the food-truck genre (tacos and grilled cheese are covered, people!), it's corn dogs. So please, let it be like Disneyland's, using the all-beef hot dogs before the company changed it, covered 'neath the gnarled, grotesque sheath of crispy batter that made it as big as a toddler's arm.

If you were present during the launch last night, please chime in with your thoughts.

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