Beauties at work
Beauties at work
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The Swinging Door's 2013 Calendar of Its Hot-Ass Bartenders Almost Available!

Gotta admit that I hadn't been to the Swinging Door in Tustin in a couple of years, but business took me there this week, and I'm glad to report things are better than ever. The drinks remain impossibly cheap, and they're even trying their hand at the craft cocktail game. The cheeseburger was not just good, but great, fat and cheap and chewy. There are more televisions than I remember. And the girls, of course remain hot--and it's almost time for their 2013 calendar, which made the trip not just fortuitous for me, but a blessing from God.

The calendars will cost $12, and be available in the coming weeks--swing by (HA!) for details. More importantly, they're also advertising that you can buy some copies for the troops, which reminds me of my best Swinging Door experience: the time when a Marine tried to get in a fight with me and my Army buddy because he didn't believe that my pal lost his arm in the Iraq War. Ah, the Swinging Door...

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