Pictured: The Hatch Version
Pictured: The Hatch Version
Photo by Niyaz Pirani

The Playground Burger Is Going Away... For Now (They're Opening a Burger Place)

We really enjoy the Playground's burger here at Weekly World, so imagine our fear when we heard over Instagram that the restaurant will no longer be offering it after this Saturday.

Shock, horror, grief.

And then I read another two sentences, and it turns out they're discontinuing it because they're opening a burger joint.. very soon.

Read on for details.

So, this Saturday is the last day you can get the Playground burger at The Playground proper. After that, you'll have to wait for their new burger concept, Wagyu Chuck, to open. Where's it going to be and when will it open? Well, it's going to be at the still-under-construction Fourth Street Market (along with two offer Playground concepts -- Noodle Tramp, where the khao soi is going to be, and PFC, where the fried chicken will live) across the street from the restaurant. When's it going to open? ..No one knows yet. Sorry.

But hey, progress towards opening is happening.

So, if you can't wait a bit without having that burger, you best get to the Playground today or tomorrow. And mabe have one for me too.

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