"The Most Influential Restaurant In the World" Gets a Movie

"The Most Influential Restaurant In the World" Gets a Movie

Does the world really need a new full-length documentary about Ferran Adrià and his restaurant, El Bulli? The trailer for a new film called El Bulli: Cooking in Progress debuted last week on Apple's movie trailer website and when I watched it, I swear I've already seen the movie before, or at least another film about Adrià that didn't seem much different. And that's not counting the one Anthony Bourdain did on a special episode of No Reservations, where he fawned over the Spanish molecular gastronomist as a deity on Earth.

But what strikes me as odd about the film is its timeliness. The movie's scheduled release on July 27th seems disingenuous, since the restaurant--which most people haven't tried, save for a privileged few--is reportedly serving its last meal and closing up at the end of July.


Here's the trailer, for your viewing pleasure:

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