Jason Quinn and Daniel Shemtob of The Lime Truck
Jason Quinn and Daniel Shemtob of The Lime Truck
Photo by Christopher Victorio

The Great Food Truck Race Rolls into Memphis. Did OC's Luxe Loncheras Make It To The Final Four? (Spoilers)

As we've reported before, Season 2 of The Great Food Truck Race is being filmed as we speak. Though the contestants are contractually prohibited by Food Network from revealing who's been eliminated thus far (or even if they're actually contestants), it hasn't been hard to figure out. All you have to do is follow Internet cookie crumbs they've left along the way by reading and tracking what the local press and blogs in each city has reported.

In all, eight teams started out late last month from Santa Monica, moving on to Las Vegas; Salt Lake City; Denver; Manhattan, Kansas; Memphis, and Atlanta. The final showdown will be in Miami. One truck is eliminated as the show moves on to the next city.

Last Friday, as we learned from a newsite called The Commercial Appeal, the last four luxe loncheras arrived in Memphis, Tennessee.

So, did our homegrown teams of Seabirds and The Lime Truck make it to the final four?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Yes, The Lime Truck has made it all the way to Memphis. Seabirds, unfortunately, was not part of that episode. Since Fat City, the food blog for our sister paper The Pitch, reported that OC's vegan truck was present and accounted at the last stop of Manhattan, Kansas, it's safe to assume the Seabirds gals were eliminated there before the show moved on to Tennesee.

The Memphis challenge, as The Commercial Appeal reveals, involved a whole pig. Featured on their story was a picture of The Lime Truck's Jessie Brockman, Daniel Shemtob, and Jason Quinn running through town hauling a hog on their shoulders.

Those that remain to battle it out there include the Korilla BBQ truck from NYC,  Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese from Boston, and Hodge Podge truck from Cleveland.

Will The Lime Truck go all the way to Miami? The Internet shall tell us, soon enough.

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