The Food Network Wants To Buy You Lunch At Seabirds & The Lime Truck
Photo by Christopher Victorio

The Food Network Wants To Buy You Lunch At Seabirds & The Lime Truck

So are ya watching The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network? Even if you're not, here's your chance to make out like a thief on the cable channel's dime. Food Network is going to pay for lunch at a specific food truck featured on the show, every Friday until the series concludes.

After the jump: the details straight from their food blog The FN Dish.

Here's how it works: On Sunday night, immediately following each episode of The Great Food Truck Race, visit Food Network's Facebook page to see which city and food truck will host a Friday lunch.

Throughout the rest of the week, be on the lookout for location clues posted on Twitter. On Friday at 11 a.m. local time, look for @FoodNetwork to Tweet out the final location. At noon, the first 100 people in line receive a free lunch on Food Network.

This Friday will have first-to-be-eliminated Sky's Gourmet Tacos giving out their grub somewhere in L.A. Seabirds' day will be on September 3rd. The Lime Truck's free lunch will happen two weeks later on September 16th.

Now I'm no genius, but methinks there might just be an easier way than to go through the hoops the FN has set up. Assuming FN hasn't barred them from listing it, check Seabirds and The Lime Truck's websites for their schedules on those weeks and figure out where they'll be on that day at noon. Be there before everyone else. Done.

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