"The Complete Idiot's Guide" Releases a How-To on Food Trucks

"The Complete Idiot's Guide" Releases a How-To on Food Trucks

If there was a better measure to tell whether we've reached critical mass on the whole food truck phenomena, it's not that there are already many books on how to start a food truck business; it's that there's finally one from the "The Complete Idiot's Guide" series. 

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting a Food Truck Business" was released last week, written by Alan Philips, who according to his LinkedIn profile also dabbled in the current culinary trend of pop-up restaurants and penned a blog entitled "So, You Want To Open a Pop-Up Restaurant?" for Zagat.

If you're one of those types that would rather read the Cliff Notes versions of tomes rather than spend the time or the money on the actual book, it seems "The Complete Idiot's Guide" also had the author summarizing his thoughts on the subject of food truck entrepreneurship in a short and sweet blog article called "What You Need To Know About Starting a Food Truck Business."

It's probably best if you read that first, because not only might you save the $13.29 for the book, you could possibly save at least $100K on a truck should you decide you don't want to bother starting one at all.

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