Tart of Darkness, coming soon to Anaheim!
Tart of Darkness, coming soon to Anaheim!

The Bruery to Open Bruery Terreux, Wild-Fermented Tasting Room, In Anaheim

What do you do when you're a brewery that geeks out over beers fermented with wild yeast, but also want to brew beers that don't use spontaneous fermentation? If you're the Bruery, and your sour beers are known throughout the beer world, you separate the wild from the "domesticated" to avoid cross-contamination.

Thus Bruery Terreux, the "Earthy Bruery", came to be. This will be a separate facility in Anaheim for wild-fermented, sour ales like Oude Tart and Tart of Darkness, with a separate tasting room. The existing tasting room in Placentia will concentrate on non-sour beers, like the Champagne-like Hottenroth hop-bomb Humulus. Given the overcrowding in the Placentia tasting room, this can only be a good thing.

Why Anaheim and not Placentia or Orange? The Anaheim mayor and city council have bent over backwards to make Anaheim a brewery-friendly destination, taking a machete to the reams of bureaucratic bumf required to brew beer, which is why three of the last five breweries to open in Orange County have opened here.

The location and details will be announced once the city approves plans and the ABC grants a license.

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