The Best Things to Drink in Orange County, 2015 Edition

This thing's sister drink made the list!
This thing's sister drink made the list!
Photo by Charisma Madarang

Hello Dear Readers! It's the end of October, but more importantly, our annual Best Of issue has hit news racks across the county. You know what that means: For the next few days, I'll be throwing up these super-duper Best Of lists on the blog for your reading pleasure. If you don't want to wait, head on over to the main feature over here. Otherwise, read on for the best things to DRINK -- caffeinated, alcoholic, and otherwise --in Orange County this year. Looking for a new Vietnamese coffee spot? Sick of $2 boba? We've got the places for you..

Best Vietnamese Iced Coffee Orange County 2015 - Contra Coffee & Tea

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At this small SanTana spot, you don't get the T&A of its elders--just sweet, young Vietnamese-American millennials doing jolts of caffeine so strong it makes cold brew about as potent as tap water. But Contra tapers down its take on café sua da in a way that makes it accessible to hipsters and offers other wonderful drinks. Start with the coffee: By this time next year, expect it to start getting attention from the Eaters and Refinery29s of the world.

605 E. Santa Ana Blvd. Santa Ana, CA 92701. 714-696-8793

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Best Coffee Orange County 2015 - Kéan Coffee The sun has barely risen on a Sunday morning, and most of OC is still sleeping, but there are always a dozen bikes chained to every possible place outside Kéan Coffee, where master cafetier Martin Diedrich came home to roast. Done to his specifications, the roasts are lighter than you'll find elsewhere, which means you'll still taste the coffee after doctoring it up with sugar and milk. And there's nothing better than sitting outside on a warm morning with an Italian cappuccino and a pastry before tackling those last 20 miles.

2043 Westcliff Dr. Newport Beach, CA 92660. 949-642-5326

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