Taleo in Irvine Closes

Taleo in Irvine Closes

The news came fast and quick. Shortly after our post about Fatburger at Park Place in Irvine biting the dust, two readers e-mailed us with the tip that its neighbor, Taleo in Irvine, was too, going to shutter.

I called the restaurant during lunchtime on Friday, and the person who answered not only confirmed the story, she said they were in the midst of serving their last meals as we spoke. The person also revealed that she'd started working there three weeks ago. She had just learned the news herself when she came on duty that morning.

When I pressed her if she knew why they were closing, she said it had to do with the landlords. An e-mail sent to Taleo's management remain unanswered at this time.

Taleo has gone through at least one ownership change. A few months ago, Moe Ghazi (who also owns Mosun, Ten Asian Bistro, Tentation Ultra Lounge and Momo's Margarita Bar) rebranded the upscale Mexican restaurant to include Asian touches.

To read a post we wrote about the rebranding, click here.

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