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Taco Maria to Host Indie Chefs Week Event in October!

I walked by Taco Maria yesterday on the road to...something, and head cabrón Carlos Salgado reminded me of a crazy event they're hosting in October: Indie Chefs Week, a critically acclaimed happening that brings in chefs from across the country to culinary hot spots. It'll be the first time it's happening in Orange County, it'll happen over three nights from October 16 to October 18, and it'll involve over 20 chefs cooking and talking in Taco Maria's small kitchen.

"We want to get people talking about what these indie chefs are doing out there in the food world," says the official blurbage. "We are excited that Indie Chefs Week is spreading out across the country, bringing together dedicated chefs to cook, collaborate, and inspire."

The event is scheduled to bring in young guns from across the country, and also local stars: Aron Habinger of the North Left, Eric Samaniego of Little Sparrow, Jason Quinn of Playground and more. Ticket info is here--see you there!

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