Taco Bell's 'Fake Beef' Lawsuit Dropped
In response to the lawsuit, Taco Bell ran full-page newspaper ads headlined, "Thank you for suing us."

Taco Bell's 'Fake Beef' Lawsuit Dropped

​Four months and $4 million in counter-advertising later, the lawsuit against Taco Bell's beef has been voluntarily withdrawn.  

High five? Anyone?  

As you may remember, an Alabama law firm sued the Irvine-based chain, claiming that its taco meat filling was only 36 percent beef and padded with other stuff like chemicals, starches and powders. The suit sought $5 million in damages.
Then Taco Bell fired back--fiercely, proclaiming in newspaper ads and TV and YouTube campaigns that its taco filling is actually 88 percent beef, with the other 12 percent a mix of water, "Mexican spices" and "other ingredients for flavor." 

Of the lawsuit withdrawal, Taco Bell chief executive Greg Creed stated:

This sets the record straight about the high quality of our seasoned beef and the integrity of our advertising. We took great exception to the false claims made about our seasoned beef and wish the attorneys had contacted us before filing and publicizing a lawsuit that disparaged our brand.

Well that's that. Now Taco Bell has time to focus on more important things. Like making a shell out of Doritos


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