Taco Bell Reveals the Ingredients in Its "Beef" (Hint: It Ain't All Meat)

So remember that lawsuit a couple of years ago where some San Diego woman sued Taco Bell for false advertising because she claimed that the beef in their ground beef wasn't really beef? And Taco Bell essentially admitted as such by proclaiming that she was somewhat right, that their beef was only about 88 percent meat, but that USDA regulations allowed them to continue calling the product "beef"? And then the lawsuit went away, Taco Bell created the Doritos Loco taco, and all was well with the chain?

Anyhoo, the Bell finally 'fessed up. Yesterday, they released the names of all the ingredients in their ground "beef" that make up the 12 percent that isn't meat--bunch of industrial products they call "Signature Recipe" and insist transform what Mother Nature gave us into a stellar eating experience. RIGHT...

Take it, ABC News!

ABC US News | ABC Business News

You know, because the Aztecs TOTALLY loved maltodextrin and torula yeast...now, all we need is Nancy Luna to explain why it's all good for us!

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