Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Repeated Fender-Bender at Drive-Thru!

Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Repeated Fender-Bender at Drive-Thru!

You know, sometimes I feel sorry for Taco Bell. They can't choose their customer base (actually, they can if they ever decide to create better product--but that's another story), so they inevitably receive the country's lowlifes, the kind of folks who drive drunk to the Bell late at night to eat, the kind who'll ram into your car in the drive-thru. And again. And again.

From Orange County...Texas!

On Jan. 29, at approximately 1:24 am., Officer Christopher Cowart was dispatched to Taco Bell in the 2900 block of 16th St., in reference to a traffic accident.

Upon arrival, Officer Cowart observed a Chevrolet pickup and a Nissan at the drive-thru window.

Officer Cowart instructed the driver of the Nissan to move his vehicle from the drive-thru lane so he could get the truck moved from the drive-thru.

The driver of the Nissan told police that the Chevrolet truck had hit them in the rear while they were parked at the drive-thru window. He also told police that he had tried to talk to the driver of the Chevrolet, who was identified as Chase Chapman, 23, of Orange, but that the man could barely keep his head up, and his speech was very slurred.

The driver of the Nissan, Robert Collins, 20, or Orange, also said Chapman tried driving forward a couple more times and came close to hitting the Nissan again.

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