Synek Is a Keurig for Beer, and It's A Lot Less Stupid

Synek Is a Keurig for Beer, and It's A Lot Less Stupid

Let's get this out there: Keurigs are kind of dumb. They're wasteful, the pre-packaged coffee isn't even that great, and what you get isn't even that awesome. If you really want a quick cup of coffee at work (seriously, no pour over? Casual.), just use a mini French press or an aeropress. Keurigs are just dumb.

So, the Synek is basically a Keurig for your beer.. except it's not actually dumb.

No, it doesn't brew your beer for you. What it does is that you buy containers of beer, pop them in the machine, and then pour them fresh. They're never in contact with the air. Pretty snazzy.

The catch: It's a Kickstarter. You can check the video above. Now, I'm not going to promise these guys are going to hit their production goals, but it does look like they're getting hit their funding goals. There's 21 days left in their funding period, and they've already hit 60 percent of their $250,000 goal. Pitch in now and you can still get the discount price of $299 or you can get a limited edition bronze version for $375. Wait a bit, and you'll only be left with the $349 retail version.

Now, the big question, worried there's not going to be much beer to drink? Well.. this is the list of participants.

That's a pretty good list
That's a pretty good list

Yeah, seems pretty good.

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