Sushi Eating Contest Next Weekend in HB

Sushi Eating Contest Next Weekend in HB
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There are only a few things that make my stomach turn: competitive eating is one of them.

Man v. Food

? Yeah, I watch it; but I switch it off before the actual eating challenge is shown.

But if you aspire to be Adam Richman or that Coney Island hot dog guy, there will be a sushi eating contest held by RA Sushi on Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. There's a $10 fee registration fee to enter and some forms to fill out if you actually want to participate. Space is limited to only 40 willing contestants. The proceeds will benefit CASA of Orange County.

The winner (which I think should read: person who keels over last or throw ups the least) will be named "Surf City's 2010 Maki Madness Champion" and win sushi for a year, which is equivalent to 12 $50 RA gift certificates.

Excuse me a second. I think I need a moment.

**Note: The contest is NEXT WEEKEND.  Apologies for the gun-jumping.

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