Sunny Delight

Sunny Delight, Orange-Flavored Sugar Water, Is Now EXTREME

Come on, SunnyD. Why you gotta do this.

Sunny Delight has hopped on the "extreme" bandwagon that's been plaguing 90s food lately (Cracker Jack'd, Planters' Power of the Peanut, etc etc). They're currently testing a new line of carbonated "energy" drinks minus the taurine and caffeine.

Where's the energy coming from?

Well, sugar. Lots and lots of sugar (oh, there are some B vitamins too).

Honestly, this is just a horrible idea. First off, they took a "drink" (I'm not quite sure what to call SunnyD) that was already addled sugar and barely contained any juice, and then they ADDED SUGAR TO IT. AND THEY MADE IT FIZZY. Last I checked, carbonation didn't make you any more energetic.

I get it, you have to stay "hip" and "with it" to hold on to that young male demographic, but there are better ways to do it than this.

Seriously, come on man.

The cans are currently being tested in some stores in Boston, Philly, and D.C. They come flavored like oranges, lemon-lime, or fruit punch. I hope they never leave the East Coast.

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