Speedy Chinese Cake Shop Bagger Caught On Video

Speedy Chinese Cake Shop Bagger Caught On Video

What would YouTube be good for if not to document cute kittens,

Halloween house decorations set to music

, and amazing feats by normal people who, for the few minutes they're shown in video, seem like their superhuman.

Uploaded last week, the newest viral clip falls in the latter category (it's logged more than half a million hits so far), featuring a Chinese cake-shop employee with mutant X-Men-like reflexes so fast the camera's shutter speed fails to capture it. When she's bagging cakes, you see nothing more than a blur where her arm should be.

She probably doesn't have to do her job as fast as she does it, but methinks the line wouldn't be as long if she didn't. Of course, most of the comments on the YouTube page went straight for the gutter, but surely our readers can top that.

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