Sorrento Grille Liberated; Wilhelm Back at its Helm

The Laguna Beach Independent reports that David Wilhelm -- who quit the Culinary Adventures empire he built from the success of his Laguna Beach restaurant, Sorrento Grille -- will be back at Sorrento's helm. 

This time, he'll be working for its new owners: his old landlords, Laguna Beach residents Diane and Philo Smith.  The couple has bought Sorrento Grille, liberating it from Culinary Adventures.

The relaunched restaurant will get Wilhelm's full attention as its sole "chef-operator" and focus on "smaller portion offerings and a greater emphasis on affordable wine, rather than pushing martinis".

It will also eschew table linens for bare wood tabletops.

To read the whole article, which also mentions other Laguna Beach restaurant news, CLICK HERE.


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