SoCo Farmer's Market "Farm to Food Truck IV" Happens THIS SATURDAY

Was it last year? I think it was, but anyhoo, I still have great memories of being a judge at SoCo Farmer's Market "Farm to Food Truck" contest, which pitted some of OC's finer luxe loncheras against each other in a Chopped-style contest utilizing the awesome produce found at the Costa Mesa treasure.

I couldn't do the last couple, but Dave and I will be judges at the fourth installment, which will happen this Saturday starting at noon.

The competitors will be Taco María, Seabirds, Tamarindo Truck, Chomp-Chomp Nation, and A Bite Truck. Ingredients? Butternut squash, walnuts, pomegranate, kale, and mushrooms, of which the three trucks will make a three-course meal utilizing said ingredients. The cost to taste the goodies? $30, of which proceeds go to the non-profit that runs the farmer's market. Other goodies? Other luxe loncheras, and you get to do your shopping for the week.

What are you waiting for? GOGOGO and BUYBUYBUY by clicking the link here. See you there!

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SOCO: South Coast Collection

3303 Hyland Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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