Sexy Burger: New Food Truck Launches

Driving home yesterday I saw a food truck pass me on the road. I was sure this was OC's newest luxe lonchera because I noticed the familiar Construction Circle address that many OC trucks like The Lime Truck and others call home base, yet I hadn't seen before at any of the food truck roundups.

Turns out I was more than right.  Sexy Burger actually debuted last night at Troy High School, and when it passed me by, going away from Construction Circle, it was headed there.

They have just the bare-bones of a website; but it has the menu, which has an eponymously named Sexy Burger with potato chips and a fried egg; and a thing called "The Jawdropper", which has grilled cheese sandwiches as buns.

Of course they have a Twitter and Facebook account so that you can easily track their whereabouts.

Good luck Sexy Burger! May you feed us well.

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