Yep. That's their logo.
Yep. That's their logo.

Seafood City, Filipino Supermarket, To Open In Irvine

If you aren't Filipino or haven't been to the Seafood City in Cerritos, you'd probably think it's some sort of Chinese restaurant. It isn't. It is a supermarket--a Filipino one that is opening its first store in Orange County at a space vacated by Shoe Pavillion (2180 Barranca Pkwy.) and flanked by a Wal-Mart in Irvine.

Seafood City has eight other stores in Southern California, more throughout the state, and most of them in cities where the Pinoys are.

Nevertheless, Irvine, which doesn't have a visible Filipino community, needs one of these, if simply because it may bring about more Filipino businesses and restaurants to a city that's already blessed with Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese ones.

Seafood City is also hiring right now. Interested applicants can inquire for a job here, which include positions at their on site catering kitchen called Grill City.

Yes, it appears that with Seafood City, Irvine will not only get its first Filipino supermarket, but also its first turo-turo.

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