Rumors of Cap'n Crunch's Death Greatly Exaggerated by FOX News

You wanna hate FOX News even more? Two days ago, they published a story under the headline "Food Police Kill Cap'n Crunch." It wasn't even original reporting, but rather a HuffPo-esque news-aggregator blurb that printed a story from AOL's DailyFinance blog. That story's headline is significantly different--"Is Cap'n Crunch Easing Quietly Into Retirement?"--and the story pointed out Quaker Oats hadn't promoted the mascot for the beyond-sugary cereal in years, that Michelle Obama is targeting bad kiddie-eating habits, and that Capn' Crunch topped some egghead's list as the least nutritious kid's cereal on the market, amazingly beating even Froot Loops. Ergo, another liberal conspiracy is browbeating America.

Oh, if only Cap'n Crunch really were walking the plank (I was always more of a Lucky Charms guy, anyway) . . . but he's not.

Unlike FOX News, Ad Age is a responsible publication that actually bothered to get a quote from Quaker Oats, who said not only that they are not planning to kill off the Cap'n, but also that they just created a Facebook page for him.

Geez, folks, if FOX News lied to you about cereal, you really think they're going to state the truth about American foreign policy?


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