Robert Rodriguez: Movie Maker & Home Cook

What can't this guy do? The producer, director, writer, composer, editor of Sin City, Desperado, and Planet Terror has made two cooking shorts, produced as extras for his DVDs.

There are only two of these "Ten Minute Cooking School" segments in existence, at least on YouTube. On the first -- created in 2004 -- he makes puerco pibil, the dish that Johnny Depp's character lusts after in Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Due the positive reaction this first one elicited, he did a second a little later where cooks something simpler: breakfast tacos. Except he does his own flour tortillas...from scratch.

Being that he is a filmmaker, the shorts are often shot with a moving camera, and edited like an action movie. You'll wish all cooking shows are done this way.

And in both he repeats his catchy mantra: "Not knowing how to cook is like not knowing how to fuck".

Please to enjoy, Chef Robert Rodriguez.


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