Restaurant Roll Call for November 2014

There be Filipino fried chicken at the end of the line!
There be Filipino fried chicken at the end of the line!
Anne Marie Panoringan

If you're Filipino or married to one and you live in triangle enclosed by the 55, the 5, and the 405, then the big opening last month was that of Seafood City in Irvine. Along with it came the first outpost of Jollibee, Red Ribbon, and Valerios in the Irvine area--all of which are staples of Pinoy communities elsewhere. But there were other notable openings we wrote about, too.

Here's our list of open-and-shut cases we chronicled on these here pages we call a food blog.

RESTAURANT/VENUES OPENED IN NOVEMBER: Blaze Pizza, Newport Beach Blaze Pizza, Santa Ana ST Pâtisserie Chocolat, Costa Mesa Poke Etc., Long Beach Temakira, Costa Mesa Seafood City (and Jollibee, and Red Ribbon, and Valerios), Irvine ChocXO Coffee and Chocolate Roaster, Irvine TLT Foods, Irvine Bulgogi House, La Palma Dough Exchange, Santa Ana Cismontane Brewing Tasting Room, Costa Mesa Wafting Fragrance Noodle House, Anaheim Big Fish Tavern, Laguna Beach


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