Restaurant Roll Call for November 2011

Restaurant Roll Call for November 2011

What the heck happened? One night I was handing out candies to adorable ghouls and ghosts, the next thing I know, we're a week past Thanksgiving with tomorrow the first day of December! This means of course, another installment of our monthly restaurant roll call, a summary of restaurants and eating venues that have opened or closed since we talked last.

This time we saw a lot more restaurants debut than face demise...which is always good news.

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, Irvine
CaliFire Grill, Fullerton
Pinkberry, Brea
Ikram Bakery, Fountain Valley
Koko's Cafe, Irvine
Savory Spice Shop, Costa Mesa
Bella Cuba, Santa Ana
Playground, Santa Ana
La Pho, Irvine
Pho Saigon Pearl, Irvine
Boiling Point, Irvine
Bruxie, Brea
Gourmet Grill Masters, Irvine
Long Beach Vegan Eatery, Long Beach
Paul Martin's American Grill, Irvine
Capital Seafood, Irvine
Tamarind of London, Newport Beach

Chaparosa Grill, Tustin
Funashin, Fountain Valley

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