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Portland, Maine Bakery Gets a Cease and Desist Over Their 'Crauxnut'; Renames It the C&D

What do you do if you get sued for calling your fried, dough-nut-shaped, layered (and probably overrated) pastry a "Crauxnut"? If you're Little Bigs Bakery in Portland, Maine, you take a pot shot and change the name.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Little Bigs owners James and Pamela Plunkett received a cease and desist earlier this month after selling their crauxnut to the wonderful foodies of Maine since January. They decided to change the name, and after asking their Facebook fans, ended up with the "C&D." Clever, but not as clever as the crauxnut.

Honestly, I'm surprised that "cronut" isn't already a generic trademark à la zipper, aspirin, and thermos (Photoshop, Kleenex, and Xerox aren't far behind either). Cronut is a horrible word, sure, but any of the other words for it as even worse (doughssant? really?). Dominic Ansel's lawyer must be pulling some crazy over time.

Meanwhile, let's visit Orange County's Cronuts: The Doughssant, the Dornut, the Cronuttery, and others.

Man, there really isn't a good word for these, is there?

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