Original Iron Chef Gets New Chairman; Japan Not Happy

Can someone be too young and too handsome? Apparently if you've been anointed the new chairman of Iron Chef Japan, you can.

Kotaku is reporting that Japanese fans of the original Iron Chef are up in arms over the striking good looks and youth of the new chairman producers have chosen to preside over the cooking competition series when the show returns on October 26th after a 13-year hiatus.

Actor Hiroshi Tamaki, whom you see pictured in all his chiseled glory, is only 32-years-old, and worse--he apparently "doesn't seem to be much of a gourmet food lover," the video game blog writes.

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What remains to be seen is whether he can chomp into a raw bell pepper with conviction like the original Chairman did.

He made our own Iron Chef America Chairman (purportedly Kaga's nephew if you follow the story line), look like a lightweight when he bites into an apple.

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