O.C.'s Second Honda-Ya Opens in Fullerton

Effectively there are already two Honda-Ya's in OC: the one in Tustin and the one in Fountain Valley. But the Fountain Valley location is technically called Kappo Honda. It's a sister restaurant, not a clone. It's also smaller and doesn't offer a lot of what the one in Tustin serves.

Now, as we reported back in January, there will be a third; and this one's supposed to be just as big as the Tustin store since it takes over the space vacated by an old Sizzler on Yorba Linda Blvd.

This weekend the Honda-Ya in Fullerton will open for business (actually it's unofficially open now) and we, as a county, will have beaten LA's county's count of Honda-Ya's by one...if you're including Kappo Honda, that is.

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