OC Gets Its First Filipino Food Truck

Since this whole food-truck thing happened, there have been a few Filipino food trucks to debut, including Tapa Boy, Manila Machine and White Rabbit. All are LA-based. But The Pogi Boy Truck, if I'm not mistaken, is OC's first Filipino food truck.

It rolled out a few weeks ago, serving Filipino tacos with crispy pork, chicken adobo and beefsteak. The menu culminates with a footlong lumpia and a burger topped with tocino (a sort of Filipino bacon) and "7,107 Island Dressing" . . . because, you know, there are that many islands in the Philippines.

And if you're thinking "Pogi" is some sort of wordplay with "Philippines" and "Kogi," the word is simply Tagalog slang for "handsome" or "cute." And who could debate them with that bespectacled bowl-cut cartoon mascot?

To find out where the handsome boys are going to next, use the links below:

Website: http://www.thepogiboytruck.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/pogiboytruck

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