Now Your Car Can Smell Like a Disneyland Turkey Leg

Now Your Car Can Smell Like a Disneyland Turkey Leg
Disney Parks Blog
Ahhh, the familiar scents of Disneyland. The musty waters of Pirates of the Caribbean. The engine exhaust of Autopia. The sweat of bodies smushed together at the Haunted Mansion.  

Don't you wish you could just bottle all it up and take it home? 

Now you can, sort of. Disney is introducing four new air fresheners that capture the smells of the beloved theme park. Thankfully, the varieties are all food-inspired: turkey leg, candy apple, Mickey's premium ice cream bar and Mickey waffle. (Hey Disney, how about churros and Dole Whip?) 

The air fresheners will be available at Disneyland starting in August. Will an eau de Disney perfume be next?  

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