Now Open in Newport Beach: Code

Now Open in Newport Beach: Code

Code has opened. If you remember, this is the place that took over Fury in Newport Beach.

Done by the people behind Tentation, Ten Asian Bistro, Mosun G, and others, the interior looks as impressive as its exterior; which, by the way, seems like it's cribbed from Charlie Palmer's 405-facing facade. At night, both look like a giant, back-lit ice cube.

And from a first glance at the menu, Code serves crudo, seemingly responding to the void created when Blanca's Nick Weber left, taking OC's first and only crudo bar with him. Though most of the crudo plays second fiddle to the sashimi, one sounds very promising:

Hamachi Tradito Organic soy, meyer lemon, micro greens, edible flowers, yuzu gelee

Let's hope the dish and the rest of the restaurant lives up that promise.

If you've tried Code, please chime in and dish on the dishes.


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