Noodles & Company Opens First OC Outlet in Orange

Pho, ramen, spaghetti, pad Thai--OC has oodles of noodles. Now a new noodle restaurant called Noodles & Company has landed in OC to offer even more. If you're not familiar with Noodles & Company, you should be. The chain is everywhere, with 472 restaurants nationwide and in Canada, 411 of them company-owned and 61 franchises.

The company is based in Colorado, founded in 1995 by an ex-Pepsi exec and now headed by an ex-Chipotle exec. It's traded on the NASDAQ and reported $115.2 million in revenue last quarter. But here's how big they are: their website is

The first OC location of Noodles & Company just opened this week at the Village at Orange mall, replacing a shuttered Famous Dave's BBQ.

As for the menu: Noodles & Company is a culturally agnostic noodle restaurant. You can have pad Thai, stroganoff, penne, Japanese udon, or just a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. Whatever it is, it's cooked to order.

If you're starch-averse, you can even opt to have no noodles at all. The company recently introduced so-called "Dishes in the Buff" where they swap the spinach for noodles and doubling the veggies.

Average check for a meal at Noodles & Company is about $10.

2214 North Tustin, Orange, CA 92865, (714) 685-1700;

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