The Crosby Cristo, in one of its rare sightings...
The Crosby Cristo, in one of its rare sightings...

No. 79: Any Sandwich Made at the Crosby

Welcome to the Weekly's list of our 100 Favorite Dishes for 2011! Tune in every day until we get to número uno! Now, on to the latest entry. . . .

We here at SaFII make no bones about our love for the Crosby, about our respect for chef Aron Habiger. The man has talent, no matter the format. But the one genre he always nails, always impresses with is the humble sandwich.
I've had almost all of them. The above Crosby Cristo? Like biting into a fried pillow caked with powdered sugar? The ever-present Starving Artist sandwich, complete with a cup of tomato sauce? One of the best $5 you can spend for food in the county. I've had Aron's take on cochinita pibil (which made it onto the list last year), his pork belly bánh mì, even one concoction with headcheese, and he nails them all--some better than others, sure, but always with a care that shows he knows a sandwich isn't just throwing ingredients between two slices of bread, but rather a craft, a discipline.

Click here for our 100 faves from 2010! The list so far this time around:

No. 80: Fish Pho at Pho Vinh Ky II
No. 81: Quesadilla Chilanga at Alebrije's Grill
No. 82: Lobster Roll at Lobsta Truck
No. 83: Nem Nuong Cuon at Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa
No. 84: Wild Boar Balinese Sausage at Valhalla Table
No. 85: Comida Corrida at Taquería La Raza
No. 86: Breakfast Burrito at Troy's Drive-In
No. 87: Mandoo at L&M Liquor and Deli
No. 88: Chicago Dog at Chicago Harv's
No. 89: Sweet Potato Tater Tots at Pee Wee's Famous
No. 90: Kaya-Stuffed French Toast at Chomp Chomp
No. 91: Egg Breakfast at Rick's Atomic Kitchen
No. 92: Sticky Rice With Chicken at Quan Hy
No. 93: Beef Koobideh at Hen House Grill
No. 94: $5 Fish Bento at Bentoss
No. 95: Milanesa Sandwich at Piaggio's Gourmet on Wheels
No. 96: Samurai Burrito at Wafu of Japan
No. 97: Carnitas Gordita at Bodega R Ranch Market
No. 98: Spam Musubi at k'ya Street Fare
No. 99: Tortilla Andorra at Anepalco's
No. 100: Lemongrass Chicken, Extra Spicy at Vietnam's Pearl

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