New Location of Koo's Catering Truck

New Location of Koo's Catering Truck
Edwin Goei

Without fail, every time I drive past Freshia market in Tustin, I look at the space next to the left entrance for Koo's hotteok stand. It has been more than a year since the last sighting there; I'd come to terms with the sad realization that they and their delectable Korean sweet pancakes might never come back.

But then, news! I recently got a tip from my friend Brekkie Fan that they've relocated to the AR Market in Garden Grove at 9580 Garden Grove Blvd., usually at lunchtime (although exact times are still sketchy).

And what's more, they're back to using their truck!

If you're thinking that they're just bandwagoning on this food-truck craze, you're mistaken: Koo's was around waaaaay before Kogi. It's the original Korean food truck! And it LIVES!

I do wish they embraced Twitter though. It wouldn't have taken me this long to locate them if they did.

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