New iPhone App Counts Calories in Your Food Photos

New iPhone App Counts Calories in Your Food Photos

Usually, when we snap a cell phone pic of our meal, we're proclaiming to the world (or at least our Facebook followers), "This mac and cheese is scrumptious!"--not, "I just consumed 1,623 calories!" But alas, technology wins again. 

Meal Snap, a new iPhone app by DailyBurn, automatically translates your food photos into calorie counts. Testers report that the app is quite accurate, giving a correct ballpark calorie range for everything from chips to barbecue ribs. One satisfied customer wrote, "To test it out I took a picture of my cat. The result said she was not food." The company uses secret algorithms and a photo ID system to come up with the numbers.   

Of course, it can't possibly know how much cheese and sour cream is stuffed inside my Chipotle burrito, or that I hid a puddle of ranch dressing under my dinner salad, right? Only my waistline will.   

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