New Ice Cream Flavors: I Like Where This is Going

On the Chowhound boards a few years ago, I remember someone asking for tips on where to find green tea ice cream.  We pointed him to the frozen dessert section of 99 Ranch or Mitsuwa.

This weekend, I found it green tea ice cream at Vons.  Let me repeat:  AT VONS!!!

What's even more amazing was that it wasn't Magnolia, Mashti Malone, or even Fubuki (which is the only brand that I knew of that made green tea ice cream) -- this was Safeway Select, the store brand!

Surely there's no better indicator that American palates are becoming more open than this -- when it's found in the ice cream aisle.

A few frozen shelves down from it, I noticed another sign -- a sign that perhaps someone at the Breyer's Ice Cream Company deserves a raise.

There before me was Breyer's Fried Ice Cream.

My mind went in circles.  First, I thought, "What could possibly constitute a "Fried Ice Cream" flavor?  Fried batter?  Is Fryolator grease a good thing to pair with vanilla?

Then I read the description: Cinnamon Caramel Flavored Light Ice Cream with a Honey Caramel Swirl & Cinnamon Sugar Tostada Pieces.

Though it sounded tasty, I was feelin' like good old strawberry that night.  Plus it was on sale for almost half the price of the "Fried Ice Cream".

But I already can predict what's next:  Tempura Fried Green Tea Ice Cream. 

Mark my words, dear readers, mark my words.



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