Native Foods' Fashion Island Branch Sets Opening Date

Native Foods' Fashion Island Branch Sets Opening Date
Edwin Goei

Reader, tipster and friend JB says that Native Foods in Fashion Island is just a few mere weeks away from opening. The third OC location of the restaurant can be found in the mall's Island Terrace Court. He saw that their newsletter said early February would be when it will debut; but in checking their website, January 31st seems to be the date.

Not that you need to wait to go to one. The Costa Mesa branch, the yurt-housed original, has also recently re-opened after some remodeling was done.

The vegan chain, now with exactly a dozen stores when this latest branch opens, already has outlets in Aliso Viejo and Tustin (pictured above).

To read an old interview we did with owner/chef Tanya Petrovna, CLICK HERE.

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