More O.C. Restaurants Offering Haiti Relief

More O.C. Restaurants Offering Haiti Relief
Daily Grill's Fresh Fruit Cobbler

More restaurants came out in force this week to announce support for Haiti relief. To see the last list CLICK HERE. Here's the newest bunch.

The Cellar -- January 24-31 will be their Haitian Relief Week where all profits from the week's take will be donated to Partners in Health, a nonprofit that brings modern medical care to poorer nations throughout the world including Haiti.

Daily Grill -- On Wednesday, February 3rd, the restaurant will feature a special menu available only that day from which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The American Red Cross and Partners in Health. The dishes include their chicken pot pie, their classic cheeseburger, Cobb salad, and fresh fruit cobbler. Prices vary.

Haven Gastropub -- On Monday, January 25th, Haven will be donating the entirety of their profits for the day, and its staff will be donating their time along with their gratuities to the earthquake relief fund through a partnership with Mercy Corps.

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