Mooyah Burger & Fries Opens in Irvine

In 2013 we wrote about Mooyah Burger, a Texas-based burger chain, that wanted to conquer our crowded Southern California fast-casual burger scene and compete with Five Guys, The Habit, and Smashburger along with our indigenous favorite, In-N-Out.

Now Mooyah has finally opened in Irvine at Alton and Jeffrey.

The menu consists of everything you expect: burgers with a turkey, a veggie and even a protein-style alternative (read:lettuce leaf wrap). Other items include fresh-cut fries and ice cream shakes. Kinda sounds like the food offerings from...every other place I mentioned earlier. It does however tout an under-600-calorie menu which the press release states is "designed to support the taste desires of females and the health-conscious consumer."

Alton Square Shopping Center, 5365 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92604 (949) 333-3758

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