Michele Martinez Cracks Down on Santa Ana's Taco Trucks [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

At the next SanTana City Council meeting, city staff are expected to offer a strategy in how to legislate loncheras out of existence. Leading the charge is Michele Martinez, whose vision of street food in SanTana is to make it like Austin—BARF. So for this week's Orange Feathers, cartoonist/photographer/writer extraordinaire Scott Feinblatt decided to image her as a code enforcement officer—HA! Take it away, Scott!

Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez may have once been viewed as a politician who stood for underprivileged people, but some of her recent actions have not done much to affirm her allegiance to the citizens. Now, following the death of downtown's Mexican beer bars, Martinez is championing a new ordinance that imposes restrictions on the food truck industry. These restrictions are tantamount to labeling food trucks as a public nuisance, a threat to the community, and incompatible with her vision of Santa Ana as a proper American city.


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