Mead's Green Door, New Vegetarian Cafe, Opens in Old Town Orange
Dave Lieberman

Mead's Green Door, New Vegetarian Cafe, Opens in Old Town Orange

Central County vegetarians, rejoice. You have a new place to eat. Mead's Green Door Cafe

It's a couple of blocks west of the Orange Circle proper, with the eponymous entryway tucked around the side of the building.

They've been open for about a month, and they're open only for breakfast and lunch, which is a shame, because the menu looks really good. I stopped in for a quick breakfast; coffee, green goddess juice, and a muffin. 

The mixed berry muffin was really good--a refreshing change from the partially-hydrogenated race to the bottom that is muffins in most of Orange County, where the idea tends to be that adding more fat will make the muffins last longer, at least until they seep through the paper. Green Door's aren't like that; they're more like the home-baked muffins you loved to buy at bake sales.

The green goddess juice, made of green vegetables and citrus, is one of the better versions out there (though Bautista Creek's at the SoCo farmers market is better); it's $5 for a small, but a "small" is still 16 ounces, which is a lot of liquefied cucumber and kale.

The coffee was surprisingly well made, though it's not third-wave by any stretch of the imagination. Still, a good cup of coffee is not to be disdained by anyone.

They've got really good-sounding salads on the menu, and sandwiches that contain actual vegetables and aren't all dependent on fake meat ("chik'n" and that sort of nonsense), so I am looking forward to returning for lunch, since it's near my office.

A couple of sins of omission:

I was told--after I paid--that they only have nonfat, soy, and almond milk. Nonfat? Really? It's the blue balls of dairy products, but it's better than soy milk, which just tastes like body odor, or almond milk, which is just tasteless.

Two minutes later, a confused older lady asked if they had any coffee cream, and out came the container of half-and-half.

Also, be aware that not everything on the menu board has its prices; ask first, or pick up a copy of the to-go menu, which is complete.

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