McDonald's To Stop Using "Pink Slime" in Beef

Jamie Oliver scored a victory last week. McDonald's has announced that they will stop using ammonium hydroxide in their beef, a substance that the crusading chef once labeled as "pink slime".

The chemical is added to beef scraps to kill off bacteria such as E. Coli and is approved by the USDA. But in the Food Revolution demo shown in the linked video below, the chef says, "We're taking a product that would be sold in its cheaper form for dogs and after this process, we can give it to humans."

The company, though, isn't going to give Oliver the satisfaction of knowing that it was him who convinced them to change. They said that the decision "was not related to any particular event" and was just part of the "effort to align our global beef raw material standards."

The widely seen documentary Food Inc. also raised the issue about the process and so did the New York Times.

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